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Most of us know just how hot video is today. We see it everywhere we look! But do we know why? Why is video taking over the market? And how can it give my company a competitive edge?

Here’s the answer in five easy slices:

1. Video is attention getting.

Would you rather read about the new iPhone X, or watch Apple’s jaw-droppingly beautiful video presenting the product? The majority of the population answers: Watch, watch, WATCH! As humans of the 21st century, we worship video—and prefer it over print advertising nearly every time. People of all demographics find it more stimulating and enjoyable. Video appeals to both sight and sound, making us more likely to pay attention and remember the message, too.

2. Video is everywhere.

YouTube, Facebook, Email, Instagram . . . where don’t you see video? You can even watch it from a wrist watch these days! In 2016, video accounted for 73% of all internet traffic. It has truly taken over the web. And now more than ever, social media has integrated video full force. It is YOUR time to be part of this powerful trend. Video advertising appeals to mobile users and encourages social shares. Marketing your brand has never been so universal! (Maybe be more specific than “universal” — the idea that it has never has such an immediate and wide reach?)

3. Video makes an emotional connection.

Video makes you feel a certain way—and that’s no coincidence. Great video marketing reaches viewers on an emotional level. (We all remember those pet adoption commercials that brought us close to tears). From learning more about a company’s employees to hearing the mission statement straight from the CEO, video expresses emotion in a way that text simply cannot. Making clients feel connected to the brand and therefore developing trust is a powerful component of video marketing.

4. Video improves your SEO.

We can’t stress enough the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) here at Karges Media. SEO is what allows the public to find you with ease on the busy and complex World Wide Web. SEO sends signals to search engines like Google that your website contains rich media relevant to search requests. In addition, video encourages social shares and internet chat—data which produces even more SEO just for you! Get a video out on the web, and you are encouraging traffic back to your home page.

5. Video enlightens.

How does your company function? How are your products used? What is your work environment like? What are your successes and goals? Video provides the opportunity for you to explain it all—and this insight allows clients to make more knowledgeable decisions. The more a potential customer knows about your business, the more likely he or she will be to buy. Check out our business shorts to see how Karges Media works with companies like yours to get their word out in a beautiful, effective and memorable way.

So . . . it’s pretty compelling how video boosts sales and leads to company growth. At Karges Media, it is our mission to get you there. The popularity and accessibility of video will only continue to increase, so hop on board! We’ve seen countless success stories—and now, we want to help you write yours!