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YouTube can be a little daunting, we know. As videos grow more and more indispensable in the world of marketing, you are likely considering a YouTube account for your own company, or even have one up and running already. We commend you and want you to do succeed! (Big fans of YouTube over here.) So, we have outlined the helpful tricks and tasks that we advise all our clients to refer to when uploading content to YouTube. Check them out and check them off!

When you’re titling your video…

  • Represent your content accurately. Misleading titles can draw the wrong viewers and will deter the right ones from watching more content!
  • Include keywords in the beginning of your title. This shows the audience that yes, this is what they were looking for.
  • Include branding – typically at the end of the title. You want to be sure everyone knows who’s rocking video they’re watching.
  • Keep it up to date with the current trends.
  • Include the episode number if the video is part of a series. Makes it easier for the viewer.
  • Keep the title under 70 characters—otherwise it will be truncated in search results.

When you’re writing your video’s description…

  • Use 1 to 2 sentences to accurately describe your video. Short and sweet.
  • Link viewers to your company website and your YouTube channel. Not only will it bring clients to your page, but it will increase your SEO.
  • Drive viewers to subscribe. Once they do, they’ll be notified when your new content goes up!
  • Match the voice of your description to that of your company. This will make clients feel more comfortable switching from one page to another.

Use cards to…

  • Drive viewers to your channel, other videos, and other playlists. Make it easy for them to keep watching.
  • Drive viewers to your website to check out product or service information.
  • Catch viewer attention at appropriate times in the video.

Make sure your thumbnail is…

  • Custom! Import an image rather than use the default. YouTube will select a default thumbnail on its own, but this image is usually awkward and doesn’t represent the content well.
  • Appropriate for all audiences. Everyone is on YouTube!
  • Clear, in focus, and legible, even when sized up or down.
  • Bright with high contrast—work to catch the viewer’s attention.
  • Well framed – the foreground should stand out from the background.
  • Representative of your video content. Again, you don’t want to mislead the audience…

When you’re creating tags, definitely…

  • Include specific tags, such as location, event, date. Some searchers may be looking for content on a very precise topic.
  • Include generic tags, such as the company’s field of work or type of video. Others may be browsing wider categories.
  • Include compound tags, such as the title of the video, a key phrase in the video, or a company catch phrase.
  • Include default tags, such as your company name. Always tie it back to home.
  • Include enough tags to thoroughly and accurately describe your video.
  • Make your tags are up to date with current trends.
  • List in order of relevance to the video. YouTube will take this into account!

Now you’re ready to go! These helpful hints will improve your company’s videos visibility on the web, and keep your clients watching. So start uploading—we’re eager  to see what YouTube has in store for you.