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These videos are downright quick and dirty on both the cost and production time.  For little cost, your small business can have tons of content to circulate about your great service or product.

Process Video

This behind-the-scenes, how-to video illuminates each step of any expert process you would like to share with your customers who are eager to know “how it all works.” Ideal for your website or on social media.

Owner Story

This in-depth profile showcases your expertise, highlights your business’ unique features, and gives potential customers a greater understanding of both your passion and your mission. Ideal for your website’s homepage or “about” page.

Product Feature

This compelling, in-depth video features an expert demonstrating the creation, unique qualities and functions of your goods or services, offering potential customers a unique perspective. Ideal for your website’s products/services page.

Tip Video

This brief, up-close-and-personal video features an expert offering useful information to further promote your goods or services. Ideal for social media.

Business Overview

This inviting video showcases your business, giving customers a deeper understanding of what you offer and what puts your goods/services ahead of the competition. Ideal for your website’s homepage.

Testimonial Video

This compelling video highlights the testimony of a tried-and-true, satisfied customer, providing potential customers with first-hand accounts of the benefits of your business. Ideal for your website or on social media.

FAQ Video

This informational video offers keen insights to your potential customers by guiding them through each of the most-asked questions relating to your business and acquainting them with how it works. Ideal for your website’s FAQs page.

Event Promo

This enticing video highlights the unique particulars of your event and gives potential attendees a preview of what it might look like and why it’s important for them to be there. Ideal for your event website’s homepage or on social media.

Employee Profile

This in-depth profile spotlights a particular employee’s expertise and persona, further humanizing your business and giving potential customers more insight into how it operates. Ideal for your website’s “about” page.

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