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Have you ever had a conversation with a camera before? It can definitely feel a little strange. Check out these three quick tips for being on camera like a pro!

Unless you’re Hamlet, talking to an inanimate object is not something that comes naturally. We’ve learned a lot from our years of experience filming and directing clients. As a result, we have determined the single most difficult task when it comes to being filmed for video advertising. We are here with camera in hand to help you overcome it!

Body Language is the Key

What are you most likely to forget while on camera? Here’s a hint. It’s not your lines! It is what you do. Body language is even more important than what you say. Many psychologists believe that body language accounts for a higher percentage of understanding in a conversation than audible words.

Body language fills viewers with feelings, both good and bad. From the way that you sit in your chair to the direction you focus your eyes, body language matters. Instilling feelings of trust, confidence, and warmth in your clients is essential.

Positive feelings result in clients being more inclined to pursue your product. And that’s easy to do if you just keep these simple points in mind.

Every successful salesperson knows that body language is important when meeting a client. It is vital to both opening and closing a sale. Video advertising is no different! Maintaining a natural and confident appearance pushes your product to the top.

3 Quick Tips for Being On Camera;

  1. Open up.

Pull those shoulders back, sit up straight, and raise your chin up. Good posture displays confidence. When salespeople speak confidently about their product or service, viewers are much more likely to trust the company and buy! Never cross your arms—closing off your body closes off your clients.

  1. Make eye contact.

Making and holding eye contact emphasizes your sincerity. It indicates that your focus is on your message and, more importantly, on your client. In this case you will be looking into the camera instead of directly into a pair of eyes. Eye contact is eye contact! When you look at the camera, viewers feel connected to you while they watch your video.

  1. Be genuine.

Viewers can tell the difference between a real smile and a fake one. A fake one will turn them away. Relax your face muscles. Crack a joke before you roll film to warm up. Genuine emotions are subconsciously detectible. Because of this, they greatly influence viewers’ choices.

Cameraman using tips for being on camera

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